"The Troubles" in 2005
Personal impressions of "The Troubles"

My experiences in Northern Ireland: Alicia Zamorano-Martinez
Explosive Situation? Alexander Junk
Overcoming the Dreadful Past Alexandra Rickes
Bloody Sunday, the bombings on the streets... Did all this really happen? André Elshoff
“Terror Tourist” Andrea Eckhoff-Rosenbaum
Still “No Surrender” Britta Laufer
Orange-White-Green vs. Blue-Red-White Doreen Kühr
Troubles in Belfast 2005: Hate and Profit Esther Antkowiak
Politics, not Religion Katharina Schlemper
My Impression of the Troubles: Impact and Future Marisa Ritter
“Orange Order” Thoughts Monika Imielski
“Big Brother” in Northern Ireland Nadine Glock
Political Lyrics and Murals Sebastian Jochum
Religion as a Feeble Excuse Silke Schneider
Sanctuary in Belfast Stefanie Flick
TV Shock Stephanie Huhn
Eye-Opening Murals Jennifer Bender