My personal highlight
… wasn’t something special like seeing the Giant’s Causeway or something like that although this was very impressive as well.
On Thursday morning we went out to explore the city of Derry. After we had arrived and paid a visit to the Bloody Sunday Memorial Centre we went along the streets of the historic section of Derry. We walked along Craft Village with its many angles and bridges and interesting shops. When we noticed an internet café we stepped into it and I bought a cheap but good coffee and sat down to check my e-mail. I watched the people sitting there, reading or stirring their coffee with a spoon and for just a few moments I had the feeling of really living in this city. I don’t know why I thought about such things but sometimes a feeling emerges and you just cannot explain why it impresses you so much.
Later on when we went back along the old city wall I listened to a street musician who really tried to play “Seven Nation Army”. To hear the song in this street musician version is somehow comparable to the feelings I had on this certain morning: it sounded strange but in an interesting way familiar and I just liked it.

Marisa Ritter

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