My Highlight(s): Jellyfish, Wishing Stone, and Evening Encounters
I guess my highlight was the nature and the whole countryside of Northern Ireland. I thought it was impressive how green everything was – I know now why Ireland is called “the green isle”. I especially liked our trip to the beach. Of course this day (the day we had announced as our “beach day”) was the only day on which we had a cloudy sky and a cold wind blowing. But nevertheless we had a lot of fun at the beach with the jellyfish ^_^ right, Katharina?!
The Giant’s Causeway was also really interesting to see …although we didn’t find the one stone with 8 corners. But one of the nice tourist guides told us which stone was the “wish stone” (the one he showed us did not have 8 corners). Some of us really did as the man told them and rubbed their butts on the stone to make a wish. I don’t know if their wishes will really come true, but at least it was fun to watch ^_^.
Also the evenings at our hall of residence were pretty cool. I would like to greet Sören and Günther in this point in my text!
Anyway, I believe there were too many highlights to list them all. The whole trip was really cool and interesting. The lowlights fade at the memory of the many nice experiences.

Nadine Glock

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