Breath-Taking Landscape
Probably I join most of the other excursion participants marking the trip to the Giant´s Causeway as the most shining highlight of our visit to Northern Ireland. But this day was indeed a very memorable one for we were offered a really breath-taking landscape and had a lot of fun exploring the paths of the coast. The amazing weather also contributed to the inspiring atmosphere as the sun accompanied us all the time. Furthermore this Wednesday gave us one of the few opportunities to experience Northern Ireland’s natural sights and wonders after having spent most of the time in the cities or cultural places.
The visit to the whisky distillery afterwards was not as fascinating as the previously depicted event. The uncomfortable temperatures inside and the intrusive smell combined with a guide who was doing her job for the first time drained the already exhausted students and I realised that I was not the only one almost falling asleep during the introducing film. Nevertheless this afternoon was extremely diverting and the evening hours were, of course, as amusing as every time.

Sebastian Jochum

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