Low Batteries but High Spirits
One of my favourite experiences was definitely the Giant's Causeway.

At first, when looking down on it from the hill we were walking on, I was disappointed. On postcards or in travel guide books it looked different, bigger, more impressive.

However, when walking further, the 'magic' of the landscape captivated me. THAT was Northern Ireland as I had expected: the sea, the beach, green grass (I have never seen such a green before ;o) ) and hills, the shore... it was amazing! Even the weather was perfect: The sun was shining but it was not too hot for walking around.

The only negative aspect was when the batteries of my camera got low and I was not able to take any more pictures. Now of all times... :o(

When reaching the Giant's Causeway itself it was great fun climbing on the different pillars and just enjoying the beautiful landscape.

Unfortunately we had to leave too soon to visit the distillery but the Giant's Causeway trip was, besides many other experiences and situations, one I won't forget soon!

Silke Schneider

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