The Ulster Folk & Transport Museum
One of our excursion highlights was the trip to the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum on Tuesday, 21 June. It was an optional half-day trip for the students. We could choose between Carrickfergus Castle on the one hand and the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum on the other hand. Those who went on the trip to the open air museum did not regret their decision for a minute. At the beginning of the trip we had some problems to get the permission to enter the train to the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum without tickets. Phil, who was already on the train, had them and finally convinced the railway employees via mobile phone to let us go. After a quarter of an hour we arrived at the museum ready and curious to visit all the beautiful houses, farms and churches of different historical eras.
The houses themselves were varied: Houses of a 17th century farmer, an 18th century priest and of a 19th century bank director … Because of the very detailed way the houses were furnished it was possible to put oneself in the ‘former’ inhabitants’ position. As the weather was very nice when we were there we could also walk through the fields and give the animals (donkeys, goats, ...) a warm welcome. In the old Ballydown National School Vera could show her talent as a teacher and gave us a refresher crash course in Latin declension.
After four hours we had to leave the museum. We were all overwhelmed by the great experience we had had that afternoon and took the train back to Belfast with Phil and our tickets.

Hanno Heuel

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