“Orange Order” Thoughts
Before we went to Northern Ireland and especially to Belfast, I thought that one would notice more of the Troubles than one actually did. Although there were some troubles while we were in Belfast, as we got to know from the news on the radio and on the television, I did not experience any (which was good, of course), probably because we were in the city and not in any dangerous district. However, I was fascinated by the murals, which we saw on our coach tour through Belfast. There were so many of them! And the closed gate between the Protestant and the Catholic area also showed the tensions between the two confessions. Furthermore I talked to one member of the Orange Order after we had been to the service in the St. Anne’s Cathedral and he said the “Troubles” were rather a political problem than a religious one. I would have liked to talk to more people about the “Troubles” to get to know their attitudes, but such a situation did not occur very often.
Monika Imielski

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