Political Lyrics and Murals
The Troubles were a phenomenon I was excited to experience in Northern Ireland but I am glad that my own little self did not come into touch with any physical conflict in the regions we visited. After having learned so much about the unpleasant aspects of Irish political history you enter the affected cities with a certain uncomfortable feeling. Walking along the walls of Derry or watching the countless murals in Belfast reminds you impressively of cruel pictures in the papers or frightening news on television. But instead our music group witnessed a kind of benefit music festival on the walls of Derry which was a very happy and peaceful demonstration. One of the musicians we met on our pub tours told us that there are several songs that should not be played in appointed areas, for the audience could react rather unpleasantly to the political lyrics. The remarkable presence of police in Derry managed to give us a feeling of security and the tank-like appearance of their “cars” surprised us more than once.

Sebastian Jochum

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