TV Shock
Honestly I canít say much about my impressions of the troubles in Belfast. In the part of the city where we stayed and in the pubs and neighbourhood we walked through in the evenings I didnít have the impression of a city with such a difficult and violent history. Of course I saw the murals on the houses and the painted pavement in the "real" or, better, in the extremely Catholic or Protestant parts of the city when we were on the coach trip through Belfast. But I canít tell more than this about being in contact with any troubles in Northern Ireland or especially in Belfast.
The only thing I noticed is that one morning (Monday?) I was sitting at breakfast in our common kitchen and watched news on TV. They said that just the evening before there had been revolts and violent riots right in the middle of Belfast! It was a very weird feeling for me and I cannot actually believe that at this moment I was in a town when just the night before so many people fought because of religious attitudes.

Stephanie Huhn

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