Godís Green Earth
What is beautiful in our world? Women? Little babies? Maybe animals? I donít know. I guess women are Godís finest work so far. And I wonít doubt that little babies as well as some cute animals can have some kind of beauty, too.
But letís not forget about nature. Letís not forget to think of all the huge green areas which make our planet so unique! There are so many places to investigate in the world which deserve to be called beautiful.
One of these beautiful sceneries is offered by the Giantís Causeway in Northern Ireland. Never heard of it? Well, then I can tell you: Get informed and take the next flight to Great Britain! I was there this past June when I joined a group of students travelling to Dublin, Belfast and (London)Derry. It was overwhelming! If youíve always been a fan of great nature, as I am, then you will definitely love it!
Where shall I begin? I donít know. Everything about this wonderful piece of nature with its big and little rocks, its awesome view onto the sea, is worth being mentioned. You have to see it with your own two eyes! My advice: Take your time, plan a whole-day trip to the Giantís Causeway. And most importantly: Pray for a sunny day the night before you leave home towards a place on Godís green earth where you can hike, relax, take beautiful pictures, or do whatever you like.
No disappointments! Take that for granted! You will love it Ė just as I didÖ

Andrť Elshoff

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